NTのGrammar Partを英語で指導しています。

前々回のブログでご紹介したICT教材TALKを活用しながら、中1の生徒にも理解できるClassroom Englishを毎回使って指導しています。今回はICT教材を使いながらどのような英語の発話・発問・指示を日常の授業で使っているのか、画像と台詞をセットにした一例をご紹介します。詳しいことは10月20日の名古屋セミナーでお話する予定です。

NT Stage1 Lesson 5-2 Grammar

◆Greeting 1 min. Asking weather, time, day, date

T: Good morning everyone.      S: Good morning, Mr. Takase.

T: How’s it going?                    S: I’m pretty good. How about you?

T: Pretty good, too.

How’s the weather today?         S: It’s sunny.

T: What time is it now?             S: It’s 10:35.

T: What day is it today?            S: It’s Wednesday.

T: Spell Wednesday.                 S: W-e-d-n-e-s-d-a-y

T: What’s the date today?         S: It’s September thirtieth.

T: Spell thirtieth.                      S: It’s t-h-i-r-t-i-e-t-h.

T: Very good.

◆Mini Test 10 min. Lesson 5-1 Key Points

T: We have Key Points Test today.

I’ll give you two min. to practice for the test.

Please take out your homework.  I’ll check around.


Show me your homework, please.

Very good. / Well done. / Write your name here. / Here, your spelling is wrong.


Raise your hand if you need more time.

I’ll give you 1 more min.

Make sure you put a period or a question mark at the end of each sentence.

Also, make sure you begin with a capital letter.


Stop now. Pass your tests up to the front please.

Thank you very much.

◆Music 4 min. Taylor Swift ‘We’re never ever getting back together again’

Let’s sing Taylor Swift today.

Please take out your music sheet.

Today we are going to sing it in karaoke.

Let’s begin.


Very good. Put your music sheet away, please.

◆Lesson 30 min. Lesson 5-2 Grammar

Let’s move on to today’s lesson.

Open your textbook to page ~.

Today we are going to study on Lesson 5 section 1 Grammar Part.

◆◆◆Using TALK◆◆◆


2015-10-09 17-11-22

Please turn over your textbook.  Now, listen.

Let’s see if you can understand what they are talking about.

First, we will listen to the CD.


◆New Words, (Dictionary)

2015-10-09 17-11-01

Repeat after the CDHow do you say ~ in Japanese?

When you say ~, make sure you put accent right here.

Now repeat after me.

Next, let’s practice new words and phrases.


2015-10-09 17-11-43

Let’s do True and False.  We have 5 statements today.

Let’s read together.  No.1 ~. Repeat.  No.2 ~. Repeat.  No.3…

Now I will play the CD again.  Listen carefully.


No.1 Is this statement right?   Raise your hand for true?  How about false?

No.2 Is this one right?  Raise your hand for true?  How about false?

Let’s check for answers.  No.1 is True. No.2 is False. No.3 is…

Now look at question No. 2. Why is it wrong? Can anyone tell me?

Talk with a partner. 10 seconds. Start.


So this part here is not ABC but XYZ. Very good!


2015-10-09 17-11-57

Let’s repeat each sentence.


2015-10-09 17-12-07

This time Overlap.

◆Front-Back Reading

Front-back reading. Everyone, stand up!


Are there any volunteers to speak in front us?

◆Grammar & Translation

2015-10-09 17-12-49

Open your notebook. Let’s check for translations.

◆Speak & Check

2015-10-09 17-12-22


  1. Reading Practice on 5-3 Key Points
  2. Workbook page ~.
  3. (New Hybrid Grammar)